You have a complaint against an EU institution or body?

Who else can help you?

If the Ombudsman is not able to help with the issue you are facing, there are other bodies that may be able to assist.

  • The European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions deals with petitions relating to matters on a broad range of issues, from environmental concerns to citizens'' rights.
  • As ‘Guardian of the Treaties’, the European Commission is responsible for ensuring that Member States respect EU law. You can complain to the Commission if you believe a Member State is infringing EU law.
  • The European Data Protection Supervisor is an independent supervisory authority devoted to protecting personal data and privacy. It can handle complaints from people who feel that their personal data has been mishandled by a European institution or body.
  • SOLVIT is a network coordinated by the European Commission that helps those facing problems with how the EU’s internal market law is applied. SOLVIT’s national offices help solve cross-border problems between citizens or businesses, on the one hand, and national public authorities, on the other.
  • The European Consumer Centres (in each EU Member State, as well as in Iceland and Norway) provide legal and practical advice and support to consumers about cross-border shopping and services within the internal market. They can contact companies in other European countries on behalf of consumers, direct consumers to a dispute resolution scheme, or propose other solutions.
  • If your problem relates to national or regional public administrations, the relevant member of the European Network of Ombudsmen may be able to help.