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Biography - Ben Goldacre - Physician, academic, and author of "Bad Pharma"

Ben Goldacre

Physician, academic, and author of "Bad Pharma"

Ben Goldacre is a doctor, academic, campaigner, and writer whose work focuses on uses and misuses of science and statistics by journalists, politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and alternative therapists. He is the author of the book Bad Pharma, in which he discusses problems in medicine, focusing on missing trials, badly designed research, and biased dissemination of evidence. He wrote the Bad Science column for a decade in the UK newspaper The Guardian, and has written for The Times, The Telegraph, The Mail, The New York Times, the British Medical Journal, and more, alongside presenting documentaries for the BBC.

He is co-founder of AllTrials, a campaign by doctors, academics, funders, pharmacists, professional bodies, patients, and the public, to prevent trial results being withheld. The AllTrials campaign was launched in January 2013 and calls for all past and present clinical trials to be registered and their results reported. The campaign has published a detailed plan on how all clinical trials can be registered and all results reported.