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Summary of the decision in case 1286/2017/KM on the European Commission’s handling of a request for access to documents on salary data for civil servants in the Member States of the European Union

Dostupné jazyky :  en
  • Prípad :  1286/2017/KR
    Otvorené dňa 3.8.2017 - Rozhodnutie z dňa 20.4.2018
  • Dotknutá inštitúcia (Dotknuté inštitúcie) :  Európska komisia

The case concerned a request for access to documents held by the European Commission’s statistics department, commonly referred to as Eurostat. The complainant, a journalist, wanted to obtain aggregated data on the salaries paid to civil servants in EU countries.

The Commission granted access to documents relating to 23 countries. It explained that two countries had not provided any data in 2016 and that three countries had objected to the Commission releasing the documents.

The complainant appealed this decision. When he had still not received a formal reply after several months, he complained to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman inquired into the issue and pointed out to the Commission that Member States do not a have a veto over decisions to grant access to documents they have sent to the Commission.

The Commission then eventually granted access to the documents at issue.

The Ombudsman closed the case as settled.