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Summary of the decision in case 1933/2014/JF on the refusal to give full public access to a report on a meeting between the European Commissioner for Trade and an oil and gas multinational

Dostupné jazyky :  en
  • Prípad :  1933/2014/JF
    Otvorené dňa 17.12.2014 - Rozhodnutie z dňa 27.11.2017
  • Dotknutá inštitúcia (Dotknuté inštitúcie) :  Európska komisia

The case concerned the Commission’s refusal to give Friends of the Earth Europe full public access to a report on a meeting between the Commissioner for Trade and ExxonMobil.

During the course of the Ombudsman’s inquiry, and following the Ombudsman’s proposal for disclosure of some of the document’s content, the Commission gave Friends of the Earth Europe partial access to the e-mail report on three different occasions. As a result, the vast majority of the content was disclosed, with only a limited amount of content still at issue. The Ombudsman noted that the complainant did not provide any comments on the disclosures made, when invited to do so, and that the Commission had partially complied with her proposal for a solution. She therefore concluded that no further inquiries were necessary.