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Austrian Ombudsman and Austrian Court of Audit Symposium on "Good Public Administration and Benefits for Citizens The Role of Parliamentary Control Bodies” - Good Governance in the European Union

Terça-feira | 25 setembro 2018

25 September 2018 Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am delighted to be here today to talk to you about good governance in the EU and I would like to thank my great colleagues, the Austrian Ombudsman Board, and the Court of Audit for their kind invitation. Your topic is not just well chosen but it’s also timely. I say that because if we understand good governance to include a citizen focused adm...

‘The future of Europe: what do citizens say?’ Keynote speech at the Networking European Citizenship Education Conference 2018

Sábado | 08 setembro 2018

Good evening everyone and thank you for the opportunity to address this conference which I’ve been following on Twitter for the last few days and the energy and passion exuded by all of you is most impressive. You’ve had three days to discuss this issue in all its complexities so what I will try do is to show you what it looks like from my vantage point in Brussels, the focal point of much of this...

ENO seminar - the Role of Ombudsman Institutions in Open Government

Quarta-feira | 05 setembro 2018

Thank you very much for coming here today for this special seminar on the role of ombudsman institutions in open government. I am delighted to see so many of you from the European Network of Ombudsmen offices and I am also particularly glad to welcome the OECD colleagues who put such hard work into the open government survey. I hope you are not having too much difficulty adjusting to September’s b...

Address to the Joint AFCO/PETI hearing on Council Special Report

Quarta-feira | 11 julho 2018

Good afternoon, Dear Committee Chairs, rapporteurs and Honourable members, Thank you for the opportunity to address you on this my 2nd Special Report since my election as European Ombudsman in 2013, and on an issue which I believe is important in the context of the legitimacy of the EU and of the quality of our European democracy. As was said during the Constitutional Affairs committee hearing on ...

Address to AFCO hearing on EO statute revision

Quarta-feira | 11 julho 2018

Good morning, Dear Chair, Honourable members, Thank you for the invitation today, to discuss what of course is a crucial issue for my Office and for EU citizens. The Ombudsman’s statute is one of the areas whether the European Parliament has the legislative right of initiative. My understanding is that following a proposal from the Petitions Committee, the Parliament has decided that this committe...

JURI hearing on EU Admin Law - Intervention of the European Ombudsman

Terça-feira | 10 julho 2018

Thank you Chair for the invitation to speak here today, and I am pleased to be doing so with Madame Hautala and First Vice-President Timmermans. In the last 17 years, ever since the Parliament endorsed The European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour drawn up by my Office in 2001, the EU and its administration has grown in breadth, depth, and complexity. It has done so alongside the development ...

Balancing Economic Freedoms and Human Rights in the European Union

Sábado | 30 junho 2018

I’m delighted to be here in Maynooth this morning to mark the conclusion of the Jean Monnet Summer School and I thank the organisers for inviting me to reflect on the important issue of human rights from an EU perspective. It’s become a truism to say that we live in challenging times when it comes to the defence and protection of human rights, and, arguably, of democracy itself. The challenges com...

Vision for Europe

Quarta-feira | 20 junho 2018

Prague, 20th June 2018 Thank you Minister, for the kind introduction. It is a wonderful honour to be here this evening and to be receiving the Vision for Europe award on behalf of the office of the European Ombudsman. It is a particular honour to be receiving it in the wake of the two distinguished former winners, Professor Wessels and Professor Garton Ash and on behalf of my colleagues and myself...

Keynote speech of the European Ombudsman to the European Youth Event

Sábado | 02 junho 2018

Good morning and welcome everyone. It’s wonderful to see such large numbers of young people gathered here and I congratulate the organisers for the sheer variety of events on offer. Your generation is unique in history in the possibilities that are open to you to become active. The internet has demolished the barriers that earlier generations of young people faced in trying to connect, to learn, o...

Transparency, Legitimacy and Citizen Engagement – Future Prospects for the European Union

Quinta-feira | 24 maio 2018

Good afternoon everyone. I’m delighted and honoured to be delivering this TARN lecture at the European University Institute in Florence. This really is one of the intellectual powerhouses of the EU and I know that the work that goes on here is invaluable in developing our thinking and understanding of governance and democracy in the Union, the thinking no doubt stimulated by these exquisite surrou...