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Decision on how the European Parliament evaluated a written test in a selection procedure for recruiting ‘intercultural and language professionals’ (736/2022/PL)

Segunda-Feira | 12 setembro 2022

The case concerned how the European Parliament assessed the complainant’s written test in a selection procedure for recruiting ‘intercultural and language professionals’.

The Ombudsman found nothing to suggest a manifest error in how the selection board assessed the complainant’s translation. The Ombudsman therefore closed the inquiry with a finding of no maladministration.

Decision on how the European Investment Bank (EIB) handled the move of a former Vice-President to an energy utility company that had received EIB loans (1016/2021/KR)

Quarta-Feira | 27 julho 2022

The case concerned the decision of the European Investment Bank to approve a request made by a former vice-president and member of its Management Committee (MC) (the ‘former VP’) to become a non-executive board member of a Spanish energy utility company, which received loans from the EIB.

The complainants, two Members of the European Parliament, raised concerns that the move gave rise to the risk of conflicts of interest. The EIB argued that the former VP had not been involved in the negotiation and implementation of the financing agreements between the EIB and the company.

The Ombudsman found that, in approving the move, the EIB did not properly manage the risk of conflicts of interest to which the former VP’s request arguably gave rise. However, given the EIB has, in the meantime, made improvements to the relevant ethics rules to address these matters, the Ombudsman determined that no further inquiries were justified.

Nonetheless, the Ombudsman made suggestions for improvement with a view to strengthening how the EIB assesses ‘revolving door’ moves by members of its MC to the private sector, and how it ensures compliance where its Ethics and Compliance Committee authorises a move but applies conditions on the individual and their activities.

Decision on the time taken by the European Parliament to deal with a request to recognise that a staff member’s medical condition is an ‘occupational disease’ (case 286/2022/VS)

Terça-Feira | 19 julho 2022

The case concerned the time taken by the European Parliament to deal with a staff member’s request to recognise her condition as an ‘occupational disease’.

The Ombudsman wrote to the Parliament reminding it that principles of good administration require EU institutions to take decisions within a reasonable time frame and that this is particularly important when the decision is related to the health of the person concerned.

Following updates from the Parliament and the complainant showing that the Parliament had taken a decision on the request in June 2022, the Ombudsman closed the inquiry with the conclusion that the matter has been settled.