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Decision appointing the Advisory Committee for the selection procedure OMB/2/2018 Secretary General - AD15/16

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The Ombudsman

Having regard the call for expression of interest OMB/2/2018 published on 15/2/2018;

Considering the European Ombudsman's internal rules concerning the filling of temporary posts in the European Ombudsman's establishment plan,

Considering that the Advisory Committee should assist the Appointing Authority with the assessment of the applications.


Article 1

The Advisory Committee shall be composed of:

  • Ms Catherine De Bruecker, Federal Ombudsman of Belgium and
  • Mr Christopher Docksey, Hon. Director General, European Data Protection Supervisor.

Mr Aidan O’Sullivan, Head of Cabinet, will serve as the secretariat of the Ombudsman and Ms Zinovia Assimakopoulou, Head of the Human Resources Sector, will serve as the secretariat of the Advisory Committee.

Strasbourg, 02/03/2018

Emily O'Reilly