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Unfairness and discrimination in Eurojust's reimbursement of travel expenses to candidates invited to an interview


Eurojust's reimbursement policy is unfair and discriminatory towards EU citizens residing outside the EU.

In support of his allegation, the complainant pointed out that the ceiling for the reimbursement of travel costs was set at EUR 700 for travel from the Czech Republic and Denmark, EUR 900 from Germany (Dresden, Erfurt and Leipzig) and EUR 1500 for French overseas departments and territories, on the one hand, while the ceiling was set at EUR 500 for travel from Australia or, in his case, Uganda. According to the complainant, this unequal and unfair treatment could not be objectively justified.



Eurojust should revise its reimbursement policy (a) in order to address the unfairness and discrimination towards EU citizens residing outside the EU and (b) if possible, in good time in order to give the complainant a fair reimbursement for attending an interview with Eurojust.


The Ombudsman invites Eurojust to submit an opinion by 31 October 2015.