Mijn ambitie is om de EU-instellingen te ondersteunen om effectiever, transparanter en verantwoordelijker te worden door de zichtbaarheid en de impact van het werk van de Europese Ombudsman strategisch te vergroten

Emily O'Reilly, 30 juni 2014
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Ombudsman asks Commission to reassess Barroso appointment

The Ombudsman has asked that former Commission President Barroso’s employment with Goldman Sachs Bank be reassessed by its Ethics Committee

Ombudsman launches ‘fast-track’ complaint procedure for access to documents

Under the new system the Ombudsman aims to take a decision within two months of receiving  an access to document complaint

Ombudsman launches list of Dos & Don’ts to help EU officials deal with lobbyists

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has published practical advice for EU officials on interacting with interest representatives.

Ombudsman urges appropriate Brexit transparency

The European Ombudsman has asked the European Commission to ensure transparency during the upcoming Brexit negotiations

Ombudsman says Member States must open up their opaque negotiations on EU laws

The Ombudsman has called on the Council to put in place measures to make EU law-making more accessible to the public.

Een klacht indienenInformatie aanvragen

Wat wij doen

De Europese Ombudsman onderzoekt klachten over wanbeheer bij de instellingen en organen van de Europese Unie.

U kunt een klacht indienen bij de Europese Ombudsman indien u onderdaan bent van een lidstaat van de Unie of als u in een lidstaat woonachtig bent. Ook bedrijven, verenigingen of andere organen die hun statutaire zetel in de Unie hebben, kunnen een klacht indienen bij de Ombudsman.

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Wie zijn wij

Emily O'Reilly trad aan als Europese Ombudsman op 1 oktober 2013.

Zij was voorheen de Nationale Ombudsman van Ierland evenals de Nationale Informatie Commissaris van Ierland (2003-2013). Zij is ook een gerenommeerde politiek redactrice, nieuws omroepster en schrijfster.

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De instelling heeft hoog gekwalificeerd en meertalig personeel.

Dit betekent dat wij uw klacht kunnen behandelen in een taal naar wens binnen de 24 EU-talen. We zijn toegewijd om onze dienst volledig toegankelijk te maken voor mensen met een beperking.

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How it works

Who can turn to the European Ombudsman?

Citizens, NGOs, associations, businesses, universities, journalists...

  • With complaints concerning an EU institution, office or agency
  • Who have already tried to solve the problem with the EU body concerned
  • When the issue is not over two years old
  • Where there is no other legal action underway

The Ombudsman can help with

  • Unfair treatment by EU bodies
  • Problems with EU tenders/contracts
  • Late payments from EU funds
  • Refused access to documents
  • Delays in dealings with EU bodies
  • Undisclosed or improper lobbying

What can the Ombudsman do?

  • Follow-up your complaint with the EU body
  • Help find a fair solution to your problem
  • Issue recommendations to EU bodies
  • Inspect EU documents

How to contact the Ombudsman?

  • You can contact the Ombudsman in the 24 official EU languages
  • Fill out the easy online complaint form
how to contact the ombudsman

Wat is nieuw?

  • 25 april 2018
    • Zaak geopend -
      Accessibility for visually impaired candidates of competitions organised by the European Personnel Selection Office
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      Alleged failure of the European Commission to ensure an impartial and transparent selection process of experts for a working group of the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER)
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      The European Commission’s failure to handle properly the updating of the TMR Regulation with new alternatives to animal testing
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      The adequacy of the Commission’s reaction concerning alleged human rights violations in a home for persons with disabilities co-funded by the EU
  • 24 april 2018
    • Besluiten -
      Decision in case 1286/2017/KM on the European Commission’s handling of a request for access to documents on salary data for civil servants in the Member States of the European Union
  • 18 april 2018
    • Persbericht -
      Ombudsman expresses disappointment at ECB response on President Draghi’s ‘Group of 30’ membership
    • Correspondentie -
      Reply from the European Central Bank concerning the recommendations of the European Ombudsman on the involvement of the ECB's President and members of its decision-making bodies in the ’Group of Thirty’ (1697/2016/ANA)
  • 17 april 2018
    • Correspondentie -
      Reply from President Juncker to the Ombudsman's letter concerning securing appropriate stakeholder input in the Brexit negotiations and potential for further progress on transparency
    • Zaak geopend -
      The European Commission’s partial refusal of access to documents concerning the Turkish Stream Pipeline project
    • Aanbeveling -
      Recommendation of the European Ombudsman in case 366/2017/AMF on the handling of alleged lack of equal opportunities for staff at the European Investment Bank and the functioning of its whistleblowing procedure