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Ombudsman inquires into why Commission did not finalise sustainability assessment before Mercosur-EU trade agreement concluded

News - Friday | 10 July 2020

The Ombudsman has opened an inquiry into why the European Commission did not finalise an updated Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) before the conclusion of the Mercosur-EU trade agreement in June 2019.

The complainants - five civil society organisations - argue that by not taking this step the Commission disregarded its own guidelines on SIAs and breached the EU Treaty, which contains sustainability goals for all EU trade.

Ombudsman issues guidelines to EU administration on the use of official EU languages

News - Thursday | 02 July 2020

The Ombudsman has published a set of recommendations to the EU administration on the use of official EU languages when communicating with the public. The EU is committed to respecting and safeguarding linguistic diversity. Applying the principle of multilingualism is of paramount importance for relations between the EU and its citizens. These practical recommendations aim to reconcile this commitm...

The role of ombudsman institutions in upholding the Charter of Fundamental Rights

News - Tuesday | 16 June 2020

In April, the European Ombudsman submitted a contribution to the European Commission's consultation on the role of national human rights institutions, ombudsman institutions and equality bodies in making the Charter of Fundamental Rights a reality in people's lives. The consultation was organised in the context of the Commission's preparation of its new strategy on the Charter. Vice-President of t...

Ombudsman finds no undue delays in how EMA handled complaint about cystic fibrosis medicine authorisation

News - Friday | 05 June 2020

The Ombudsman has found there were no undue delays in how the European Medicine Agency (EMA) handled a request to authorise a medicine used to treat cystic fibrosis, and commends the clear and attentive way EMA communicated with the complainant whose son has this serious illness. During the Ombudsman’s inquiry the medicine was approved. The complainant’s three-year-old son has a specific form of c...

The European Ombudsman turns 25

News - Wednesday | 03 June 2020

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the European Ombudsman. From small beginnings in 1995, the institution has grown to become a recognised and respected upholder of transparency, ethics and accountability in the EU administration. Discover more about the Ombudsman's history, our main areas of work and the key inquiries over the past years on our dedicated webpage. You can follow all our activities...

Ombudsman inquiry finds the EBA should have forbidden Executive Director’s move to finance lobby group

News - Tuesday | 12 May 2020

European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly has found that the European Banking Authority (EBA) should not have allowed its former Executive Director to become CEO of a financial lobby association. The Ombudsman also found the EBA did not immediately put in place sufficient internal safeguards to protect its confidential information when the planned move became clear. Read here the press release.

Ombudsman welcomes Council response on presidency sponsorship guidelines

News - Thursday | 07 May 2020

The Ombudsman has welcomed the Council of the EU’s decision to consider issuing guidelines on corporate sponsorship for Member States holding the six-month EU presidencies.

European Ombudsman publishes Annual Report 2019

News - Monday | 04 May 2020

The European Ombudsman’s annual report for 2019 has been published, showing that the Ombudsman opened 458 inquiries and that the biggest proportion (26.9%) concerned transparency-related issues.

Ombudsman asks EU institutions to ensure transparency of EU COVID-19 response

News - Tuesday | 21 April 2020

The European Ombudsman has written to the Presidents of the European Commission and the European Council recognising their extraordinary efforts to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and making some proposals for how to maintain high transparency standards during the crisis. The Ombudsman said that all decisions related to the pandemic - including those taken under accelerated or emergency procedures - ...

Commission strengthens transparency of database on Member States' planned technical regulations

News - Wednesday | 08 April 2020

The European Commission has agreed to implement measures proposed by the Ombudsman to strengthen the transparency and usefulness of its database detailing planned national technical regulations by Member States. The Ombudsman made the proposals following a complaint by the international technical association for generation and storage of power and heat. The association had submitted comments on te...