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The European Ombudsman - Accountability, transparency, and trust

Transcript of this video

Transcript of this video


We are situated where EU decision making takes place.

Making sure that accountability, transparency and trust lie at the heart of that decision making.

We have a bird’s eye view across the EU administration: on things that go wrong, but also on things that go well.

We put matters on the table to bring them to the attention of the public and to create change in that way.

So, it is true that we are a very small office but we have a very big mandate.

Valentina - Inquiries Officer:

I just finished investigating a case related to text messages, which can also be official documents when they are work related.

Koen - Inquiries Officer:

One of my recent inquiries concerned a contract that the European Commission awarded to one of the world's biggest investment management companies.

Tanya - Inquiries Officer:

When so much money is at stake, for example, more than one trillion euros to make the economy greener, then it is important that we help ensure that the citizens know how this money is spent.

Emily O'Reilly - European Ombudsman:

For many citizens, the EU seems very far away. So what we try and do is to bridge that gap between the administration and the people. The European administration is on their side. They’re the good guys and our job is to keep the good guys good.


What I really like about my work is that it is so diverse...


...every investigation comes with its own challenges, its own context. 


You really feel part of the European project.


The satisfaction to solve certain problems that an individual may have...


...but then you also see that there is a systemic impact and that you make it better for the future.

European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly and Ombudsman team members:

We are the European Ombudsman.