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Tangled up in EU administration?

Transcript of this video

Tangled up in EU administration? The European Ombudsman can help you! Visit to find out more about how to solve problems with the EU administration.

Transcript of this video

This video gives a visual representation of the European Ombudsman’s work in solving problems between citizens and the EU administration.

In the first scene, a man is depicted in an elevator. The video then follows the man as he tries to navigate the streets, apparently with his feet tied. Various scenes see him missing a bus, passing a woman on bench, looking through a window, falling in a puddle and then walking on his hands. Eventually he is seen on a bus. When he leaves the bus, he is shown climbing stairs, stopping with exhaustion on the way. The viewer then sees that his shoes are tangled up. At the same time, this statement appears: “Tangled up in EU administration?”

A third person helps the character disentangle his shoes and the character starts dancing and walking freely. The video concludes with the following statement: “The European Ombudsman can help you”. It also shows webpage address of the European Ombudsman “”.