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European Ombudsman – helping to solve problems with EU-funded programmes

Transcript of this video

The European Ombudsman can help people, businesses or organisations that are involved in EU-funded programmes and facing problems with the EU’s administration.

Transcript of this video

This short video gives a visual representation of the European Ombudsman's work in a core area: good management of EU funds.

In the video, a researcher working on an EU-funded project checks the association’s bank account and is frustrated to find that a payment from an EU institution has been delayed.

Suddenly, the logo of the European Ombudsman appears in front of the character. He presses the logo as if it were a button. The researcher then sees that the payment has arrived, allowing the project to continue.

The video ends with the European Ombudsman logo and the statement: “Problems with EU-funded projects? The European Ombudsman is here to help”.