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Strategic work in 2018

Strategic work in 2018
5 Strategic inquiries 2018
  • Accountability of Council's legislative work
  • Commission's management of ‘revolving doors’ situations concerning EU staff
  • Pre‐submission activities of the European Medicines Agency
  • Accessibility of Commission websites for persons with disabilities
  • Treatment of persons with disabilities under the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme
10 Strategic initiatives 2018 (requests for clarification, not formal inquiries)
  • Anti-harassment policies in the EU civil service
  • ‘Revolving doors’ in a range of EU institutions, bodies and agencies
  • Brexit transparency
  • Suggestions to improve the European Citizens’ Initiative
  • Protection of children in migration and returns
  • Inspections concerning EU rules on ozone-depleting substances
  • European Schools and persons with disabilities
  • Complaints mechanisms for European Structural and Investment Funds
  • EU risk assessment of the food chain
  • Use of languages in the EU civil service