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European Ombudsman address - Annual Irish Speakers Series at the Central European University

It-Tlieta | 07 Mejju 2019

Good evening everyone and let me first say how delighted I am to be in this beautiful university in beautiful Budapest and I thank Ambassador Kelly and the Irish Embassy for the invitation, and President Ignatieff and the Central European University for hosting the event. I have no remit over universities in member states but I do know that when the history of this period is written, that what the...

European Ombudsman Royal Dublin Society Vision 2030 address

Il-Ħamis | 25 April 2019

Good morning everyone and it’s a great pleasure to be here with you today and I commend the RDS on this initiative forcing us to think in the medium to long term rather than what lies just directly around the corner even if we have to tread extremely cautiously when making predictions during these most unpredictable of times. I’ll briefly begin by telling you a little bit about my work as European...

Opening Speech for the Annual Conference of the European Network of Ombudsmen

It-Tnejn | 08 April 2019

Colleagues, honoured guests, welcome to Brussels, and thank you all for taking the time to come here this week to share experiences and to explore what may lie ahead for all of our citizens just weeks away from the European Parliamentary elections in May. I don’t have to tell this audience of the various challenges that the EU is currently facing. And one of those challenges is also unfortunately ...

Exchange of views, Council of Europe European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

Il-Ħamis | 04 April 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for the opportunity to present my work as the European Ombudsman to you today. I’m especially honoured to be invited during the 25th anniversary year of this Commission. I follow the work of the Council of Europe closely and today’s exchange with you, the Members of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, builds upon the cooperation I have ...

Exchange of views, PETI Committee -Proposed new prerogatives

It-Tlieta | 02 April 2019

Good morning, Dear Chair, Honourable members, Thank you for the invitation today, to discuss the way forward for the office of the European Ombudsman. But before doing that, it would be useful briefly to look back. Over the last five years, the Parliament has supported my office as we dealt with numerous complaints and initiatives, including my work on Council transparency, on Frontex, on the Tran...

Keynote at PETI Workshop on Conflicts of Interest Achievements and Challenges for EU Institutions

It-Tlieta | 02 April 2019

Thank you Chair, I’d like to begin with the observation that in general the EU institutions have made good progress in becoming more open and accountable in the past five years. With the support and push of this House, my Office, civil society and the thousands of dedicated EU civil servants working for the EU, the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and integrity are, and s...

Meeting with the OLAF Supervisory Committee

L-Erbgħa | 06 Marzu 2019

Thank you, Mr Chairman for the invitation. I am delighted to be here today, and to share with you my views about OLAF’s administrative activities. I am with my colleague Mr. Lambros PAPADIAS, who deals with these issues in my Office. OLAF clearly has a key role in the fight against fraud and irregularities affecting the EU budget and to fulfil this role adequately, the EU legislator has given it f...

Address to European Parliament Conference of Committee Chairs meeting

It-Tlieta | 12 Frar 2019

Thank you Ms.Wikstrom for the invitation to address you here today and share my work with you. Dear Chairs, within a few months Europeans will be able to exercise their most important right as citizens, and that is to vote for Members of this House. Another important EU citizen right is the treaty right to complain to the Ombudsman in order to hold the EU administration accountable. The right to g...

Address to European Parliament Conference of Presidents meeting

L-Erbgħa | 06 Frar 2019

Thank you Mr President for the invitation. Dear Presidents of the political groups, the European Ombudsman was created as part of a package of European citizenship rights under the Maastricht Treaty. Nearly 25 years later, EU citizenship still faces challenges in relation to its full realisation when it comes to rights, duties and political participation. One important right as an EU citizen is th...

metooEP event “Time’s Up on sexual abuse and harassment in institutions and society

L-Erbgħa | 06 Frar 2019

Thank you Joanna, and thank you for the invitation here today to share my work with you and to hear from you in turn about other initiatives in this area. In preparing for this event I read through the Council of Europe report on Sexism, harassment and violence against women in parliaments in Europe. As a woman who began her working life in the early 1980s and in the then highly conservative, coun...