Int għandek ilment kontra istituzzjoni jew korp tal-UE?


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Ombudsman calls for improved transparency around EU recovery funds

Aħbarijiet - Il-Ħamis | 01 Diċembru 2022

The Ombudsman has urged the Commission to treat access to document requests concerning EU recovery funds with greater consistency and to better explain its reasoning if it decides not release the asked-for information. The Ombudsman’s findings followed a complaint by a journalist looking for documents related to how the Commission evaluated the Danish and Swedish plans for money allocated under th...

Ombudsman welcomes progress on Commission’s treatment of ‘revolving doors’

Aħbarijiet - Il-Ħamis | 17 Novembru 2022

Ombudsman O’Reilly has welcomed the Commission’s constructive response to her inquiry on how it handles moves by staff to the private sector. In reply to the Ombudsman’s proposals to strengthen the implementation of the rules on ‘revolving doors’, the Commission said that for cases where there is a reputational risk for the Commission, it would ask former staff to report back on how they are compl...

Ombudsman and OECD publish transparency principles for use of recovery funds

Aħbarijiet - L-Erbgħa | 16 Novembru 2022

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Ombudsman have published good practice principles to help ensure transparency in how funds are used to help Member State economies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to help local, national and EU administrations to promote access to information, enhance public communication, and strengthen civil society ...

EO express 04/2022

Aħbarijiet - It-Tnejn | 07 Novembru 2022

The EO express brings you an overview of the European Ombudsman’s recent activities, including inquiry openings, key findings, speeches and events. Subscribe here if you want to get the EO express - published six times a year - in your mailbox. RECENT INQUIRY DEVELOPMENTS New public consultation on transparency in EU environmental decision making The Ombudsman has launched a public consultation to...

Ombudsman asks ECB to apply stricter rules to moves by staff to financial sector

Aħbarijiet - Il-Ġimgħa | 28 Ottubru 2022

The European Ombudsman has asked the European Central Bank (EBC) to strengthen its approach to dealing with staff moving to the private sector, and particularly the financial sector.

L-Ombudsman torganizza konsultazzjoni pubblika dwar it-trasparenza fit-teħid tad-deċiżjonijiet ambjentali tal-UE

Aħbarijiet - L-Erbgħa | 07 Settembru 2022

L-Ombudsman nediet konsultazzjoni pubblika sabiex tivvaluta t-trasparenza u l-parteċipazzjoni pubblika fit-teħid tad-deċiżjonijiet ambjentali tal-UE. L-għan huwa li jiġi evalwat jekk iċ-ċittadini għandhomx aċċess għal informazzjoni aġġornata f’qasam ta’ interess pubbliku għoli. Il-konsultazzjoni hija disponibbli fl-24 lingwa uffiċjali kollha tal-UE u ser tibqa’ għaddejja sal-15/12/2022. Għandek is...

EO express 03/2022

Aħbarijiet - Il-Ġimgħa | 15 Lulju 2022

The EO express brings you an overview of the European Ombudsman’s recent activities, including inquiry openings, key findings, speeches and events. Subscribe here if you want to get the EO express - published six times a year - in your mailbox. Recent inquiry developments Ombudsman calls on EU institutions to ensure accountability in an era of instant messaging The Ombudsman has said her findings ...

Ombudsman asks Commission about fundamental rights protection in migration management centres

Aħbarijiet - L-Erbgħa | 13 Lulju 2022

The Ombudsman has asked the Commission how it ensures fundamental rights are being respected in EU-funded migration centres in Greece.

The inquiry is in response to concerns raised by civil society organisations, as well as the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, about fundamental rights risks for refugees in the centres.

Commission replies to Ombudsman findings concerning refusal to give access to text messages about COVID-19 vaccines

Aħbarijiet - L-Erbgħa | 29 Ġunju 2022

The Commission has replied to the Ombudsman's findings concerning its refusal to give public access to text messages between its President and the CEO of a pharmaceutical company about a COVID-19 vaccine contract. The Ombudsman's initial analysis is that the reply is problematic on several points. The closing decision, to be published within the coming weeks, will include a full analysis.

Council should give faster public access to legislative documents

Aħbarijiet - L-Erbgħa | 29 Ġunju 2022

The Ombudsman has asked the Council to grant faster access to legislative documents so that the public can effectively participate in discussions on draft EU laws. This followed the Council’s decision to give access to Member States’ initial comments and questions on the draft Digital Markets Act, but over a year after a group of investigative journalists asked for the documents. By the time acces...