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Biography - Reinier van Zutphen, Ombudsman of the Netherlands

Born in Wageningen (the Netherlands) in 1960


· Sworn in on 31 March 2015 as National Ombudsman of the Netherlands for a six-year term;

· Chair of the Association for the Right of Petition and Complaint (since 13 April 2016)

· Has extensive experience as a judge in several courts in the Netherlands (Utrecht, the Hague, Alkmaar and Almelo);

· Has filled several posts in an international context (Curaçao and Luxembourg);

· Was Chair of the Dutch Association for the Judiciary;

· President of the Administrative High Court for Trade and Industry since 2012;

· Teacher at the Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary (since 1 April 2005);

· President (previously member) of the Supervisory Board and key expert for the Center for International Legal Cooperation (President since 20 December 2013);

· Ambassador of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF (since 1 November 2013);

· Chair of the Trustees of the bar exam of the Dutch Bar Association (1 July 2013 to 1 July 2015);

· President (previously member) of the Supervisory Board of Legal Aid offices (since 5 July 2012);

· Studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Law School from 1978 to 1985;

· Took a six-year training course (starting in 1986) at the Dutch Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary;

· Became a judge in 1992.

Lobbying transparency in the Netherlands

· There is a growing awareness in the country as regards lobbying transparency, although there are no specific mechanisms in place to prevent undue influence in decision-making processes.

· The Dutch Parliament recently adopted a motion to require legislative proposals to include an extensive section on "stakeholder views" to shed light on how stakeholders participated in the process.

· Interest representatives also need to sign up to a public register to gain permanent access to Parliament's premises.