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Biography - Fabrice Leggeri - Frontex Executive Director

Curriculum Vitae

Fabrice Leggeri, as of 16 January 2015 Frontex’s Executive Director.

Fabrice Leggeri was born on 28 March 1968. He joined the French Ministry of Interior as Deputy Head and later the Head of a unit dealing with cross border traffic, borders and visas. He has an extensive background in working with various levels of government on issues related to the Schengen agreement, migration and international law.

Following his first stint at the Ministry of Interior, he served as a national expert seconded to the European Commission in 2000-2003, where he contributed to drafting the Commission Communication COM(2002)233 “Towards an integrated management of the EU external borders”, which was endorsed in 2002 and recommended the creation of Frontex. Between 2003 and 2007, he represented the State in two French regions holding the office of Vice-Prefect. In 2007, Mr. Leggeri joined the French Ministry of Defence to head the division of International and European Law, a position he left in 2011 when he moved to Seoul to become the deputy head of the French Embassy in the Republic of South Korea. In August 2013, he returned to the French Ministry of Interior to run the Division on Irregular Migration, with key responsibilities arising from Schengen-related public policies and illegal immigration. He also managed annual budgets of domestic and EU source. He holds a Postgraduate Degree in Contemporary History from the University of Paris. He is also a Graduate of Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) and Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.