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Alleged irregularities in the selection procedure for the European prosecutor of an EU Member State

The complaint concerned the selection procedure for appointing the Maltese European prosecutor, part of the so-called 'College of European Prosecutors' that works with the European Public Prosecutor's Office. The complainant considered that there were irregularities in the selection procedure.

In the course of the inquiry, the Ombudsman took the view that there was a lack of clarity around possible review procedures and made a proposal for a solution and a suggestion for improvement to the Council of the EU, but the Council rejected the proposals. The Ombudsman regrets that the Council missed an opportunity to resolve this issue.

As the selection panel is not an EU body, which can be subject to an inquiry of the Ombudsman, and both the Council and Commission have refused to take responsibility for the actions of the panel, the Ombudsman considered that no further inquiries are justified and closed the case.