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Call for expression of interest OMB/2/2018 - Recruitment of Secretary General in the Ombudsman's Office at grade AD 15/16 - Temporary post open to established officials or temporary agents of all the European Union institutions

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  • Secretary General
  • Open to officials or temporary agents of all EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the EU administration
  • Starting date: as from July or September 2018
  • Management position: yes
  • Place of employment: Strasbourg or Brussels (this post may involve missions to other working places of the institutions as well as missions to other countries in or outside the European Union).

The European Ombudsman

The European Ombudsman’s mission is to serve democracy by working with the institutions of the European Union to create a more effective, accountable, transparent and ethical administration.

The European Ombudsman’s objectives are to promote an administrative culture of service, to build trust by encouraging dialogue between citizens and the European Union, and to promote the highest standards of accountability and transparency within the EU administration.

The European Ombudsman achieves the above mission and objectives by dealing with complaints against European Union institutions and by conducting own-initiative inquiries.

The guiding principles of the Ombudsman’s office are independence, integrity, fairness, accountability, transparency, dialogue, and service.

The Office’s establishment plan currently contains 65 posts, with an annual budget approaching EUR 11 million. The offices are located in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Work in the European Ombudsman’s office

The European Ombudsman’s office offers a dynamic workplace with flat hierarchies and modern working tools that allow for efficiency and flexibility.  It has attained gender balance among managers and administrators. It is a fair, flexible and respectful workplace, which provides a good balance between private and professional life, good working conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere.

What does the role of the Secretary General involve?

The Secretary General is responsible for the overall management of the office to enable the implementation of the Ombudsman's strategy. The Secretary General reports directly to the Ombudsman and leads the management team. S/he works closely with the Ombudsman's cabinet and represents the office externally where appropriate.

Description of the post

The Secretary General will be recruited at grade AD 15 or AD 16.

If the successful applicant is an established official, s/he shall be seconded in accordance with Article 37 of the Staff Regulations of officials of the European Union for a duration of 2 years, with the possibility of renewal following the next election to the post of European Ombudsman. If the successful applicant is a temporary agent s/he shall be offered a temporary contract for a duration of 2 years with a possibility of extension.

The place of work will be either Strasbourg or Brussels, depending on the interest of the service. The post may involve frequent travel between Strasbourg and Brussels, and missions to other working places of the institutions. It may also involve missions to other countries in or outside the European Union.

Who can apply?

The procedure is open to applicants who fulfil the following conditions on the closing date for applications:

a. General conditions

Applicants must be established officials or temporary agents of an institution, body, office or agency of the European Union in an Administrator grade.

b. Professional experience

At least 15 years professional experience gained following the completion of university education , including at least eight years management experience of which two years at least at the level of Director, or equivalent, at grade AD 14 or above in a European institution, body, office or agency.

What profile we are looking for?

The European Ombudsman is looking for a highly motivated and dynamic individual with strong and proven leadership and interpersonal skills. You should be able to manage a team of up to 90 members (including trainees and external staff) with a large diversity in assignments and be able to represent the institution externally.

Candidates should have:

  • Advanced knowledge of EU affairs, EU institutions and of EU law commensurate with an appointment at this level;
  • Good understanding of the role of an Ombudsman in public administration;
  • Good understanding of the European Ombudsman’s strategy;
  • Experience to operate and ability to innovate in a modern HR environment;
  • Proven experience in budget management and planning;
  • Excellent understanding of modern IT strategies and processes;
  • Excellent communication and networking skills.

Ability to communicate effectively in English and French is required for practical reasons and will be tested.

Independence and declaration of interests

Before taking up their duties, candidates are required to declare that they will act independently in the public interest and have no interests, which might be considered prejudicial to their independence.

How to apply

Applications[1] must refer to the call for expression of interest OMB/2/2018 in the subject and be sent by e-mail to: career@ombudsman.europa.eu. The closing date and time for receipt of applications is 5 March 2018 noon CET.

Applications must include:

a) completed and signed application form available on the Ombudsman's website;

b) letter drafted in English explaining the applicant's reasons for applying and why the applicant believes s/he has the qualifications, knowledge, skills and qualities that are required;

c) copy of the applicant's curriculum vitae;

d) copy of the applicant's two most recent staff reports;

e) evidence of professional experience, clearly indicating the starting and finishing dates and the exact nature of the duties carried out;

f) valid e-mail address to be used for communications by the Ombudsman's Office concerning this procedure.

Applications which are incomplete or submitted (either in part or in their entirety) after the deadline for submission of applications will not be considered.

All applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

Selection procedure

To assist the Ombudsman, an Advisory Committee will review the applications received with the help of the Personnel Administration and Budget Unit and identify all eligible applications. The list of eligible candidates is adopted by the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman and the Advisory Committee will rank all eligible applications by order of merit. Only the candidates who reach the pass mark of 75% shall be considered in the subsequent stages of the procedure.

The Ombudsman and the Advisory Committee shall interview up to a maximum of the eight best candidates. Only the candidates who reach the pass mark of 75% shall be considered for the rest of the procedure.

Based on the overall results combining the mark obtained in the interview and for the assessment of their application, the three best ranked candidates may take part in a second interview with the Ombudsman. Members of the Ombudsman’s Cabinet shall assist the Ombudsman as observers.

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of each step of the selection procedure.

The European Ombudsman is an equal opportunity employer who encourages applications from qualified people and seeks actively to promote diversity in the workplace.

Strasbourg, 14/02/2018

Emily O'Reilly


[1] The processing of personal data by the European Ombudsman is governed by Regulation (EC) No. 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data, OJ 2001 L 8, p. 1. By submitting an application for a post within the European Ombudsman's Office, applicants are understood to have given their consent, within the meaning of Article 5(d) of the Regulation, to the processing of the personal data contained in the application and the supporting documents enclosed therewith. The personal data in question are collected by the European Ombudsman's Office for the sole purpose of the present selection procedure. Applicants have a right to access and to rectify their own personal data kept by the European Ombudsman's Office.

Personal data concerning unsuccessful applicants shall be destroyed two years after the position is filled. Applications submitted for the purposes of the present selection procedure shall not be taken into consideration for the purposes of future ones.

Personal data concerning the recruited applicants shall be kept by the European Ombudsman's Office and might be transferred to other EU Institutions for administrative purposes.

Applicants may at any time consult the European Ombudsman's Data Protection Officer or have recourse to the European Data Protection Supervisor.