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Decision on the European Commission’s role in assessing the sustainability of gas projects on the list of 'projects of regional significance' of the 'Energy Community' (327/2021/KR)

Penktadienis | 15 liepos 2022

 The complainant, a civil society organisation, raised concerns about the sustainability assessment of gas projects in the Energy Community, an international organisation for cooperation on energy between the EU and countries in the Western Balkans and in the Black Sea region. Such projects may benefit from streamlined permitting procedures and have to comply with the criteria set out in the EU’s Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) Regulation, as applied also by the Energy Community.

The Energy Community is not an EU body and is thus outside the Ombudsman’s mandate. However, as the European Commission represents the EU in the Energy Community, the Ombudsman asked the Commission to explain how it ensures that the sustainability of gas projects is properly assessed, and its role in the process.

In the context of this inquiry, the Commission also gave an update on its efforts to improve how the sustainability of EU gas ‘projects of common interest’ (PCI) is assessed, which was the subject of a previous Ombudsman inquiry.

The Ombudsman found the Commission’s explanations satisfactory and closed the case with a finding of no maladministration.

Decision on how the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia dealt with issues related to the performance evaluation report of a former staff member (case 1041/2021/OAM)

Penktadienis | 24 birželio 2022

This decision is not published as there is a risk that the complainant may be identified from the specific circumstances of the case.