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Ombudsman inquiry on Commission President’s text messages is a wake-up call for EU

Pranešimas spaudai - Ketvirtadienis | 14 liepos 2022

The Ombudsman inquiry into the Commission’s handling of a request for text messages between its President and the CEO of a pharmaceutical company is a wake-up call for all EU institutions about ensuring accountability in an era of instant messaging. One year after the initial request by a journalist, the Commission has still not clarified whether messages reported to concern major vaccine procurem...

Ombudsman: EU administration at critical point in treatment of ‘revolving doors’

Pranešimas spaudai - Trečiadienis | 18 gegužės 2022

The European Commission risks undermining the integrity of the EU administration without a more robust approach to the movement of staff to the private sector, the Ombudsman concluded following a broad inquiry into ‘revolving doors’. While the Commission has made improvements since the last Ombudsman inquiry, it still needs to do more. The Commission should: 1. Forbid jobs temporarily if they pose...

Ombudsman criticises how Commission handled request for access to President’s text messages

Pranešimas spaudai - Penktadienis | 28 sausio 2022

The Ombudsman has criticised how the Commission handled a request for public access to text messages between its President and the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. She has now asked it to do a more extensive search for the relevant messages. In response to the public access request by a journalist, the Commission said no record had been kept of such messages, which were related to the purchase of ...

Debate on EU future should not be an exercise in 'citizen-washing', warns Ombudsman

Pranešimas spaudai - Šeštadienis | 22 sausio 2022

The Ombudsman has called on the EU, and especially national governments, to take seriously ideas submitted by the public during the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe or risk alienating citizens.

Ombudsman calls for EU access to documents law to be modernised

Pranešimas spaudai - Pirmadienis | 15 lapkričio 2021

European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has called for the EU’s access to documents law, which is twenty years old this year, to be updated to reflect the reality of modern communications. Speaking at a conference she is hosting today on the future of Regulation 1049/2001, Ms O’Reilly emphasised the importance of the law for enabling the public to hold the EU account, and called for its modernisation: “...

Award for Good Administration honours efforts to bring EU citizens home during COVID-19 pandemic

Pranešimas spaudai - Ketvirtadienis | 24 birželio 2021

The European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration 2021 honours the EU’s extraordinary efforts last year to help repatriate over a half million EU citizens stranded around the world due to the pandemic. The joint winning projects were undertaken by staff in the Commission’s department for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO) and the European External Action Service (EEAS). The winners...

New statute: Ombudsman welcomes legal strengthening of her Office

Pranešimas spaudai - Ketvirtadienis | 10 birželio 2021

European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly welcomes the Parliament’s approval (602 votes out of the 692 cast) of a strengthened legal framework for her Office. The revised statute strengthens the legal base of the Ombudsman and introduces new safeguards to further guarantee its independence, including an adequate budget to support the Office’s activities. “A strong, well-resourced and independent Ombudsman...

Ombudsman launches broad inquiry into Commission handling of staff ‘revolving doors’ cases

Pranešimas spaudai - Antradienis | 18 gegužės 2021

European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has launched a wide-ranging inquiry into how the Commission handles so-called ‘revolving doors’ cases among its staff. The inquiry is part of a reinforced monitoring of how the EU administration implements the ethics obligations on EU staff who move to the private sector. The Ombudsman will inspect 100 personnel files related to decisions by the Commission on requ...

Ombudsman: Sustainability assessment should have been completed before EU-Mercosur trade deal agreed by negotiators

Pranešimas spaudai - Penktadienis | 19 kovo 2021

The European Commission should have concluded an updated sustainability impact assessment (SIA) before the EU-Mercosur trade deal was agreed, an inquiry by European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has found. The Ombudsman urged that, in future trade negotiations, such assessments be finished ahead of the final agreement. “The EU projects its values through its trade deals. Concluding a trade agreement be...

Ombudsman calls on ECDC to be more open about its work as vaccine rollout begins

Pranešimas spaudai - Antradienis | 09 vasario 2021

Following a six-month inquiry into the performance of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) during the COVID-19 crisis, the European Ombudsman has made a series of proposals to enable greater public scrutiny and understanding of its work as the crisis continues and the focus of that work moves to the monitoring of vaccine distribution. The Ombudsman has also suggested that ...