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Decision of the European Ombudsman closing her inquiry into complaint 648/2014/LP against the European Commission

Dear Mr [...],

On 3 April 2014, you submitted a complaint to the European Ombudsman against the European Commission concerning a request for access to documents relating to cases decided by the European Court of Justice.

On 13 May 2014, I opened an inquiry into the allegation that the Commission wrongly failed to grant access to the applications for leave to intervene lodged by third parties in Joined Cases T-125/03 and T-253/03 Akzo v Commission and Case C-550/07 Akzo v Commission, and the related claim that the Commission should grant access to the requested documents.

On 27 June 2014, the Commission submitted its opinion on your complaint, following which you were invited to provide comments on the Commission's opinion. I received your observations on 29 July 2014.

However, on 4 June 2015, you informed me that, in light of the General Court's judgement in Case T-188/12 Breyer v Commission and the subsequent appeal by the Commission, you no longer saw a reason to pursue the complaint with my services, and that you therefore wished to withdraw your complaint.

I have therefore decided to close the case.

Yours sincerely,

Emily O'Reilly
Strasbourg, 28/08/2015