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A döntéshozatali határidő elmulasztása (HHMEK 17. cikk)

Vagy próbálkozzon régi kulcsszavakkal (2016 előttiekkel)

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Decision in case 575/2020/NH on the time it took the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to finalise an administrative inquiry into alleged harassment

Péntek | 20 november 2020

The case concerned how the European Food Safety Authority handled a complaint from a former staff member about alleged harassment. The complainant considered that the administrative inquiry, which was carried out by external investigators, had taken too long.

The Ombudsman considered it regrettable that the investigation took so long but found, nevertheless, that the time taken was reasonable given the complexity and circumstances of the case.

The Ombudsman thus closed the inquiry finding no maladministration.

Decision in case 389/2020/NH on whether a selection procedure for EU civil servants organised by the European Personnel Selection Office required knowledge that was not mentioned in the notice of competition

Kedd | 08 szeptember 2020

The case concerned a selection procedure organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) to recruit communication experts to the EU administration. The complainant, who did not pass the selection procedure, argued that one of the tests required candidates to have prior knowledge of Brussels, which gave an unfair advantage to candidates who were familiar with the city.

The Ombudsman found that neither the test assignment, nor the scoring grid used to assess the candidates’ answers, indicated that prior knowledge of Brussels was required.

The Ombudsman closed the inquiry with the finding that there had been no maladministration by EPSO in this case.

Decision in case 715/2020/EIS on the Commission’s alleged failure to deal in a timely manner with a state aid complaint concerning the durum wheat sector in Italy

Kedd | 18 augusztus 2020

The case concerned the timeliness of the Commission’s action in dealing with a state aid complaint concerning the durum wheat sector in Italy. The complainant claimed that, two years after the submission of his complaint, the Commission had not reached a final decision on the case.

The Ombudsman inspected the Commission’s file on the case and obtained further clarifications during a meeting.

The Commission explained how it had proceeded based on its internal rules and procedures. It also explained the reasons for the delays it had incurred. The Ombudsman found that there was no evidence that the Commission had neglected the file in any way or that there had been unfounded postponements in its handling of the matter.

The Ombudsman thus closed the inquiry, finding that there was no maladministration in how the Commission has been handling the complainant’s state aid complaint.