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Summary of the decision in case 1311/2016/TM on how the European Aviation Safety Agency dealt with a safety report

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  • Ügy :  1311/2016/TM
    Vizsgálat megindítása 2016.11.16. - Ajánlás 2018.02.14. - Határozat 2018.06.12.
  • Érintett intézmény(ek) :  Európai Repülésbiztonsági Ügynökség

The case concerned how the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) dealt with a ‘safety report’ submitted by an aircraft maintenance mechanic working at a maintenance base at an airport in the EU. The complainant was unhappy that the EASA had failed to inform him about the follow-up to his report.

The complainant’s report was handled under the EASA’s Confidential Safety Reporting (CSR) rules. Under the rules then in place, people making reports were informed that they would not be notified of the follow-up to their report.

The Ombudsman inquired into the issue and found that the EASA’s practice, of not providing follow-up information on the reports it receives, constitutedmaladministration. The Ombudsman recommended to the EASA that it amend the CSR procedure to ensure that those who report safety concerns receive feedback to the extent that this is possible without compromising the integrity of the EASA’s actions.

The EASA accepted the Ombudsman’s recommendation and changed its practice regarding feedback to those reporting safety concerns. The Ombudsman welcomes the immediate steps taken by the EASA and closes the inquiry.