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Ombudsman launches new inquiry on transparency of Commission interactions with the tobacco industry

The Ombudsman has opened an own-initiative inquiry to assess how the Commission ensures transparency in its interactions with tobacco interest representatives.

The Commission has made some improvements since the Ombudsman’s previous inquiry: in addition to its department for health and food safety (DG SANTE), its department for taxation and customs (DG TAXUD) now also proactively publishes information about interactions with tobacco lobbyists.

However, for its other departments, the Commission does not proactively make public details on meetings that happen below the level of directors-general.

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Europski ombudsman promiče dobro upravljanje na razini EU-a. Ombudsman istražuje pritužbe o nepravilnostima u radu institucija i tijela EU-a i proaktivno ispituje šire sustavne probleme.

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