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Decision on how the European Commission changed the sickness and accident insurance policy for Conference Interpreting Agents (552/2021/MMO)

Vendredi | 15 octobre 2021

The case concerned a new insurance policy that the European Commission concluded with a private insurance company to provide accident and sickness insurance for Conference Interpreting Agents (ACIs).

The complainant is a former ACI who considered that the conditions of the new insurance policy were very disadvantageous compared to the previous policy, and that it discriminated against certain ACIs.

During the inquiry, it became clear that the complainant would be less disadvantaged than he had feared. The Ombudsman found that the Commission’s explanations for the changes in the policy are convincing and reasonable. The inquiry also uncovered no evidence that would call into question the procedure leading to the new insurance contract, which included consultation with the international interpreters’ association.

The Ombudsman closed the inquiry with the conclusion that there was no maladministration by the Commission.

Decision on how the European Securities and Markets Authority handled the procedure for establishing a staff member’s invalidity (case 2029/2020/PL)

Lundi | 11 octobre 2021

The case concerned the time taken by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to handle a procedure for establishing a staff member’s invalidity. The inquiry focused on determining whether ESMA was taking the necessary measures to finalise the procedure without further delay.

The Ombudsman identified a number of shortcomings. However, as the procedure was finalised in the course of the inquiry and the complainant can now challenge the outcome if he so wishes, including procedural flaws, the Ombudsman closes the inquiry with the finding that no further inquiries are justified. The Ombudsman makes a suggestion for improvement to ESMA to reflect on what happened in this case and consider taking concrete measures to avoid delays in future delegated administrative procedures.

Decision in case 55/2021/PL on how the European Labour Authority assessed the professional experience of a candidate in a staff selection procedure for programming and reporting officers

Vendredi | 23 juillet 2021

The case concerned how the European Labour Authority’s (ELA) assessed the complainant’s professional experience in a selection procedure for recruiting programming and reporting officers.

The Ombudsman found nothing to suggest a manifest error in the selection committee’s assessment of the complainant’s qualifications. The Ombudsman therefore closed the inquiry with a finding of no maladministration.