Vous souhaitez déposer une plainte contre une institution ou un organe de l’Union européenne ?

Otsus juhtumi OI/5/2021/PB kohta, mis käsitleb Euroopa Investeerimispanga vastust kahtlusele, et tal on enne töölevõtmisotsuse tegemist olemas ametikohale kandideerijate teatavad isikuandmed

Juhtum käsitles Euroopa Investeerimispanga (EIP) tava paluda enne töölevõtmisotsuse tegemist, et tööle kandideerijad esitaksid teatavaid isikuandmeid, eelkõige nende perekonnaseisu kohta.

Ombudsman tõdes, et EIP on kehtestanud sellise tava selleks, et muuta oma menetlused võimalikult tõhusaks. Ta väljendas siiski muret, et isikuandmete kogumine on ebaproportsionaalne ja võib negatiivselt mõjutada usaldust EIP värbamismenetluste vastu. Kõik kandidaadid ei pruugi olla kindlad, et isikuandmed ei mõjuta mingil juhul nende võimalusi saada ametikoht.

EIP vastas, et ta muutis ombudsmani tõstatatud probleemide lahendamiseks oma tavasid.

Ombudsman kiitis EIP konstruktiivse vastuse heaks ja lõpetas uurimise.

The inquiry

1. The Ombudsman set out the issue in her letter opening the inquiry: the EIB had established a practice whereby it requests certain personal information (such as on household composition and dependants) from job applicants. This practice was related to efficiency concerns. She noted that the EIB had in the meantime changed this practice to make the provision of such information voluntary. This may nonetheless be problematic in practice. If candidates are asked to provide information in the context of a recruitment procedure, they may consider that failing to do so could negatively prejudice their prospects[1].

2. The EIB replied that it had reconsidered its practice and decided not to ask candidates for any information regarding their family situation, including information on dependents - not even on a voluntary basis - before the final candidate is determined. This new procedure is in place since 1 April 2021. As a consequence, applicants are no longer asked to provide information on their family situation during the selection process. Only the selected candidate (i.e. for whom a signed selection note has been sent to Personnel) is asked to provide the personal details regarding their family situation to determine their benefits package. The changes have been formalized in the internal procedures of the EIB[2].

3. The Ombudsman very much welcomes the EIB’s response in this case.


The Ombudsman closes the inquiry with the conclusion that the EIB has given a most constructive response and that the matter is now settled.

Emily O'Reilly
European Ombudsman

Strasbourg, 01/12/2021


[1] The Ombudsman’s full letter is here: https://www.ombudsman.europa.eu/en/doc/correspondence/en/143366

[2] The EIB’s full reply is here: https://www.ombudsman.europa.eu/en/doc/correspondence/en/149856