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The role of the European Medicines Agency and its pandemic task force during the COVID-19 crisis

In the context of wider strategic work on the response of the EU administration during the COVID-19 crisis, the Ombudsman examined the work of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In particular, the Ombudsman looked at the role of EMA's newly-established pandemic task force (COVID-ETF), which was created to help EU Member States and the European Commission take quick and coordinated regulatory action on the development, authorisation and safety monitoring of medicines intended for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. Specifically, the inquiry looked at the transparency and independence of assessments of and decisions taken on medicines in the context of the COVID-19 response.

EMA replied to the Ombudsman and committed to ensuring the independence in how it assesses medicines for COVID-19 and to publish clinical data about them. The Ombudsman welcomed EMA's commitments and closed the initiative.