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European Commission's Expert Groups

Vuoden 2016 tietografiikka julkaistaan vain kuvamuodossa. Tekstimuodossa olevia tietoja voi pyytää yhteydenottolomakkeella.

European Commission's Expert Groups

How many?

  • around 800 expert groups in 2015
  • around 6000 experts involved in the system


  • 30 participants per expert group in average
  • 70% National Adminsitrations
  • 22% Organisations
  • 8% Individual Experts

Policy areas?

  • Research and innovation
  • Information Society
  • Internal MArket
  • Environment
  • Justice and Home Affairs
  • Other

The European Ombudsman's recommendations

  1. Greater transparency of expert group deliberations
  2. Better conflict of interest policy
  3. Link to Transparency Register
  4. More balanced composition
  Data source: Composition of the Commission's expert groups and the status of the register of expert groups, Directorate-General for Internal Policies, Policy Department D, Budgetary Affairs, European Parliament