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Ombudsman opens inquiry into how EU staff recruitment test was carried out

The Ombudsman has opened an inquiry into how the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) carried out ‘pre-selection’ tests as part of a procedure to recruit new staff into the EU civil service.

A significant number of job candidates have complained to the Ombudsman about the tests, specifically in relation to the requirement that they be exclusively carried out remotely. Candidates cited experiencing technical issues during the tests and problems with receiving assistance from EPSO and its contractor.

As a first step in the inquiry, the Ombudsman sent a series of questions to EPSO on its decision to have the tests only take place remotely as well as on how the tests were carried out in practice and how support was provided when problems occurred.

The inquiry aims to identify and enable systemic improvements to enhance the experience of candidates and guarantee equality of opportunity in the testing process.