¿Tiene una reclamación contra una institución u órgano de la UE?


EU response to the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a series of measures at the national and EU level.

While decisions to do with equipping hospitals, closing schools or introducing restrictions are for Member States to take, the EU has agreed several supporting measures to help national governments combat the virus.

It is the European Ombudsman's task to monitor the transparency and accountability of EU institutions but also to help people understand who takes decisions at the EU level and how.

¿Cuál es nuestra función?

La Defensora del Pueblo Europeo trabaja para promover una buena administración en la UE. La Defensora del Pueblo Europeo investiga las reclamaciones sobre mala administración por parte de las instituciones y los organismos de la UE, además de estudiar de manera proactiva cuestiones sistémicas más amplias.