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Transparency of the Eurogroup

Thursday | 01 December 2016

Decision in case 18/2016/ZA on the European Central Bank’s failure to reply adequately to request for information

Tuesday | 27 September 2016

The case concerned the European Central Bank’s (ECB) failure to reply adequately to the complainant's request for information concerning the ECB's competence to ensure the enforcement of financial regulation and consumer protection legislation in Member-States. The Ombudsman asked the ECB to provide the complainant with a detailed answer concerning its supervisory role vis a vis the national central banks, but also the role of the Single Supervisory Mechanism in supervising private entities. The ECB replied in a clear and comprehensive manner. The Ombudsman therefore decided to close the case.

Transparency of the European Fiscal Board

Thursday | 22 September 2016

Decision in case 2049/2014/NF on the European Council's refusal to grant access to documents concerning the 2010 Economic Task Force

Tuesday | 15 March 2016

The case concerned the European Council's refusal to grant the complainant public access to two documents in relation to the 2010 Task Force to strengthen economic governance across the EU. The European Council initially argued that the publication of the documents would undermine the protection of the financial, monetary or economic policy of the Union or a Member State and of the institution's decision-making process.

Having inspected the relevant documents, the Ombudsman took the preliminary view that their content did not appear as sensitive as claimed by the European Council, given in particular that the documents dated from 2010. The European Council then reconsidered its assessment and released the two documents to the complainant. The Ombudsman found that the European Council had thus settled the matter complained about.

Decision of the European Ombudsman closing the inquiry into complaint 356/2014/KM against the European Central Bank (ECB)

Tuesday | 09 February 2016

The case concerned a complaint that the European Central Bank did not, as some central banks had done in the past, publish a scoreboard on compliance by Eurozone Member States with the so-called "convergence criteria". The Ombudsman inquired into the issue and found that the ECB is not obliged to publish such an overview, given, in particular, that Member States are now called upon to comply with different criteria. She also found that the ECB and the European Commission publish relevant and accessible statistical information on market surveillance. There was therefore no maladministration.

Decision of the European Ombudsman closing the inquiry into complaint 1561/2014/MHZ against the European Banking Authority (EBA)

Monday | 06 July 2015

The case concerned a delay by the European Banking Authority (EBA) in dealing with the complainant's request for the EBA to investigate an alleged breach of EU law by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority. The Ombudsman inquired into the issue and found that the EBA was able to justify its delay, for the most part. For this reason, and also because the EBA apologised for the delay and undertook to improve its procedure, the Ombudsman did not find maladministration. Since, in the course of the inquiry, the EBA established internal deadlines for dealing with similar requests, the Ombudsman encouraged it to formalise these deadlines by amending its Rules of Procedure. She thus closed the case with a further remark.

Failure to reply

Friday | 19 June 2015

Failure to reply

Thursday | 18 June 2015