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The principle of online public registers

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In 2017, the European Ombudsman decided to promote the principle of online public registers by adopting the following provisions:

8.1 For the purpose of coherence in the EU administration, sound financial management and service to the public users, the European Ombudsman takes steps to further the use of a corporate public documents and data register and/or portal for the EU administration.

8.2 Pending the outcome of the above-mentioned actions, the Ombudsman implements, for its organisation, the principle of online public registers through publication of core business documents on its online cases section, through direct and full publication of all documents adopted in relation to strategy, policy and high level management, and through the publication of its document filing plan.

(Article 8.2 of Decision of the European Ombudsman on Records Management in the Office of the European Ombudsman, 13 March 2017.)

In implementation of Article 8.2, the European Ombudsman provides the following material:

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