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We are currently revising our records management practices. In this process, we are also moving to a new IT system out of which content will be exported to a revised version of our Office's public register on administrative documents. In the meantime, the current public register on administrative documents will not be maintained.

Documents related to our core business remain fully available as usual, notably on our sections focused on cases, activities and strategy.

Requests for public access to documents may, as now, be sent to the e-mail address EO@ombudsman.europa.eu .

As a citizen of the European Union, you hold a fundamental right to ask for public access to documents. This is what our public register is all about. The public register provides you with information on our records, our specific documents, and our collections of documents. This helps you to directly access or better identify documents that contain the information you are looking for.

The frequently asked questions section provides you with the facts you need to know to make best use of the public register.

If you have any questions about the public register, please contact our Registry.