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European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour

On 6 September 2001, the European Parliament adopted a resolution approving a Code of Good Administrative Behaviour which European Union institutions and bodies, their administrations and their officials should respect in their relations with the public.

The Code takes account of the principles of European administrative law contained in the case law of the Court of Justice and also draws inspiration from national laws.


Statement adopted at the Sixth Seminar of the National Ombudsmen of EU Member States and Candidate Countries, Strasbourg 14-16 October 2007

The European Network of Ombudsmen has prepared this statement to make the European Union (EU) dimension of the work of ombudsmen better known and to clarify the service they provide to people who complain about matters within the scope of EU law.

National and regional ombudsmen make a vital contribution to ensuring that citizens and residents of the EU can know and enjoy their rights. Together with the European Ombudsman, they form the European Network of Ombudsmen.

The European Network of Ombudsmen brings together, on a voluntary basis, the national and regional ombudsmen and similar bodies of the Member States of the European Union, the national ombudsmen of the candidate countries and of Iceland and Norway, as well as the European Ombudsman and the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. In Germany, committees on petitions at the national and regional level fulfil a similar role to ombudsmen. They are part of the Network.