You have a complaint against an EU institution or body?

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European Ombudsman – Here to help

The European Ombudsman can help people, businesses or organisations that face problems with the EU’s administration. The Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration by EU institutions and bodies, as well as proactively looking into broader systemic issues.


This short video gives a visual representation of the European Ombudsman's work in three core areas: transparency, good management of EU funds, and public involvement in EU decision making. The video depicts three scenarios in which three characters have a problem related to EU administrative issues, which could be resolved with the involvement of the European Ombudsman.

In the first scenario, a journalist is checking documents she has received through a request for public access to documents, and finds a document with most of the text redacted/blacked-out, so she cannot use it. In the second scenario, a researcher working on an EU-funded project checks the association’s bank account and is frustrated to find that a payment from an EU institution has been delayed. In the last scene, the representative of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) is supposed to attend a decision-making meeting on EU policy, but cannot find the door to the room where it should be.

Suddenly, the logo of the European Ombudsman appears in front of the three characters in the different scenarios. They each press this logo as if it was a button. This representative symbol helps them find a solution to their problems so they can move on with their work. 

The redacted text appears on the document, so the journalist can read it; the researcher sees that the payment has arrived in the bank account, so the project can continue; and the door for the meeting finally appears for the NGO representative.

The video ends with a white layout with the EU Ombudsman logo and the statement: “Problems with the EU administration? The European Ombudsman is here to help”.