You have a complaint against an EU institution or body?

Guide to complaints

You can submit a complaint to the European Ombudsman online, by post or by fax.

Submit your complaint online

Online complaints can be submitted in two easy steps:

1Check the criteriaGo through our checklist for making a complaint and make sure that the European Ombudsman can investigate your complaint
2Create an accountCreating an account will allow you to submit a complaint, to continue drafting a complaint you have not already submitted or to check the status of your complaint
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The transition period following the UK's withdrawal from the European Union is in force from 1 February 2020. During this period, all UK citizens, residents and legally-registered organisations can continue to turn to the European Ombudsman should they encounter problems with the administrative activities of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.

Make a complaint by letter

A complaint can be made by writing a letter to the European Ombudsman

If you write a letter to the European Ombudsman, please include:

  • Information about your complaint, including information about the EU institution that you are complaining against
  • Copies of relevant correspondence

Download the PDF version of the complaint form

Complaint form (PDF 48.73 KB)

Please note that there are some complaints we cannot deal with.
We advise you to go through the
Checklist for making a complaint section before sending your complaint.

Post the completed form to the European Ombudsman

Médiateur européen
1 avenue du Président Robert Schuman
CS 30403
F-67001 Strasbourg Cedex

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