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Transparency and Democracy in the EU of tomorrow? Meet and discuss with the European Ombudsman

Video10:45 - 12:00

Host: EYE 2021

Location: Strasbourg, France

The European Union is facing numerous challenges today and in the coming years, including the climate crisis, digitalisation and creating a fairer and more equal job market. The task of the European Ombudsman, who monitors the accountability of the EU institutions, is to ensure that these questions are dealt with in as transparent a manner as possible. In this session, Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly will discuss democracy, transparency and trust in the EU of tomorrow in an informal talk with author and political activist Nini Tsiklauri. Join to learn more about the Ombudsman’s work and to discuss how younger generations can shape the EU they want.


  • Emily O'Relly, European Ombudsman
  • Nini Tsiklauri, EU activist, author, actress and political scientist 


European Parliament, Weiss building, Room N1.4

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