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Privacy Statement - European Ombudsman public information distribution

1) Who is responsible for processing personal data?

The Communication Unit of the European Ombudsman.

2) To what end do we use your data?

For the purpose of sending public information material (press releases, event invitations and updates, newsletters) about the activities of the Ombudsman in the public interest.

3) What is the legal basis for data collection?

  1. The Statute of the European Ombudsman[1];
  2. Decision of the European Ombudsman on communication policy; and
  3. Article 5(1)(a) of Regulation 2018/1725: "... processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest ...".

4) What personal data do we collect?

The names, area of work (occupation), email addresses, subscription interest or mailing list preference and preferred language of subscribers, which are mandatory for subscription to our mailing lists. Subscribers may also provide their organisation name, position and phone number if they choose.

5) Who has access to this data?

Members of the Communication Unit team responsible for sending/distribution of public information material and managing the related databases.

6) How long do we keep this data?

The data is stored on the Ombudsman’s drives for as long as subscribers remain subscribed to the mailing lists.

7) How can you exercise your rights?

Subscribers can modify or delete their personal data from mailing lists by using the online subscription management system. Unsubscribing will remove the data from the database.

8) Who should you contact if you have any questions?

The Communication Unit: eo-comm-contact@ombudsman.europa

9) Who should you contact if you have concerns about how the Ombudsman has handled your personal data?

a) The Data Protection Officer:

b) The European Data Protection Supervisor: 

[1] Decision of the European Parliament on the regulations and general conditions governing the performance of the Ombudsman's duties. Adopted by Parliament on 9 March 1994 (OJ L 113, 4.5.1994, p.15) and amended by its decisions of 14 March 2002 (OJ L 92, 9.4.2002, p.13) and 18 June 2008 (OJ L 189, 17.7.2008, p.25).