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2015 Meals offered by the European Ombudsman - semester 2

Date Name Institution Purpose Nature Location City Amount EUR
07/09/2015 European Ombudsman, Chef de Cabinet, Secretary General European Ombudsman To discuss the European Ombudsman's structures and processes lunch EP Salon Strasbourg €61,40
08/09/2015 MEP Sophie in't Veld European Parliament Network lunch dinner MEP restaurant Strasbourg €61,50
15/09/2015 MEP Brian Hayes European Parliament Network lunch lunch MEP restaurant Brussels €41,45
16/09/2015 Director European Disabilities Foundation European Disability Fund Network lunch lunch Bistro Luxembourg Brussels €40,50
21/10/2015 Secretary General of the Council Council of the EU Introductory lunch lunch Parkside Brasserie Brussels €90,60
10/11/2015 Visiting National Ombudsman, Advisors in the Cabinet, the EO Secretary General and the Head of Communications European Ombudsman Dinner offered following the 20th Anniversary Recepetion dinner Stanhope Hotel Brussels €980,00
30/11/2015 Head of Office and assistant responsible for organising the event Austrian Ombudsman Work visit to the Austrian Ombudsman's office 2 boxes of chocolates Austrian Ombudsman Vienna €60,00
01/12/2015 Ad interim Director Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union Work visit to the Fundamental Rights Agency 1 box of chocolates Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union Vienna €30,00
02/12/2015 Chief Ombudsman of Hungary, Deputy Ombudsman for National Minority Rights and the Deputy Ombudsman for Future Generations Hungarian Ombudsman Work visit to the Hungarian Ombudsman's office 3 boxes of chocolates Hungarian Ombudsman Budapest €90,00
02/12/2015 Head of the European Parliament Office in Budapest European Parliament Office in Budapest Stakeholder event. 1 box of chocolates European Parliament Office in Budapest Budapest €30,00
            TOTAL €1.485,45