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2015 Gifts received of a value greater than EUR 100* - Semester 2

DateHostPurposeNatureLocationEstimated amount in EURs
10/11/2015 European Ombudsman Visit of the Swedish Ombudsman for the European Ombudsman's 20 year anniversry reception. Miniature horses of glass with the logo of the Swedish Ombudsman Brussels €50,00
18/11/2015 European Ombudsman Courtesy meeting prior to the European Parliament's interparliamentary seminar on the Role of the Ombudsman in Parliamentary Democracy. Scarf, Turkish delight and trinkets Brussels €80,00
25/11/2015 City of Strasbourg European Ombudsman's office 20 year anniversary. Books Strasbourg €60,00
14/12/2015 City of Strasbourg Christmas gift Notebook Strasbourg €50,00
*According to the European Ombudsman's Code of Conduct