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Publication of information concerning a cabinet staff member who left the service in June 2021 in accordance with Article 16(4) of the Staff Regulations

One cabinet member (temporary agent) left the Ombudsman's service in June 2021. He informed the Ombudsman of his intention to engage in an occupational activity.

Name and date of departure from the Ombudsman's Office

Mr Frederik Hafen - date of departure: 31.05.2021

Description of the tasks carried out in the Ombudsman's Office during the previous three years

Policy Assistant (01.11.2015-31.12.2019) and Policy Officer (01.01.2020-31.05.2021)

Description of the duties intended to be exercised in the new position and name of the new employer

Mr Hafen declared his intention to work as Policy Officer in charge of European Environmental Democracy at the European Environmental Bureau in Brussels.

Ombudsman's assessment and conclusions

The Authorizing Officer (AA) considered that there is a potential conflict of interest between Mr Hafen’s function as Policy Officer in the Ombudsman’s cabinet and his new occupational activity. Therefore, Mr Hafen was granted permission subject to the following imposed conditions:

  • He should not lobby or participate in any meetings with the European Ombudsman's Office on behalf of the European Environmental Bureau (EBB);.
  • He should not participate in the preparation of any future complaints to the European Ombudsman from the EEB; and
  • He should not take part in any activity concerning any matter arising between the European Ombudsman and EEB.

The above-mentioned restrictions are applicable for two years after leaving the Ombudsman’s office.