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2018 Meals and gifts offered by the European Ombudsman- Semester 1

Date Description Participants Purpose  Location City Amount EUR
20-21/02/2018 Chocolates for organisers and dignataries during the visit to Athens. Emily O'Reilly, Gundi Gadesmann, Silvia Bartolucci Visit to Athens Athens Athens €86,00
24/05/2018 Chocolates for organisers during the visit to the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. Emily O'Reilly, Graham Smith, Silvia Bartolucci Lecture at EUI EUI Florence €35,00
20/06/2018 Chocolates for Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Emily O'Reilly, Aidan O'Sullivan, Caroline Moen Award Ceremony Prague European Summit Prague €25,00
TOTAL €146,00