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Letter to the European Parliament following its response to the Decision in strategic inquiry OI/8/2015/JAS concerning the transparency of Trilogues

Strategic inquiry OI/8/2015/JAS concerning the transparency of Trilogues

Dear Mr President,

On 16 December 2016, your predecessor informed me about the European Parliament’s actions in response to my proposals following strategic inquiry OI/8/2015/JAS on the transparency of Trilogues[1].

I welcome the Parliament’s constructive engagement on this important matter, which signals its determination to strengthen public trust in the European democratic process through openness and accountability. In particular, I welcome the fact that the Parliament has decided to initiate, both internally and with the other institutions, discussions on the implementation of a number of my proposals. I understand that these discussions, and the need to put in place whatever may be decided upon, will require some time to be completed.

I would thus be grateful if the Parliament could inform me by 30 November 2017 of the progress made in the discussions related to my strategic inquiry.

As regards the case pending before the General Court, De Capitani v Parliament (T-540/15), I would be grateful if, once the Court rules on that case, you would inform me as soon as possible of the conclusions the Parliament draws from that ruling in relation to my proposals.

I am taking a particular interest in the ongoing work to develop the joint legislative database provided for in the new Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-making[2] and intend to follow this matter closely in the coming months.

Yours sincerely,

Emily O'Reilly

European Ombudsman




[1] Decision of the European Ombudsman setting out proposals following her strategic inquiry OI/8/2015/JAS concerning the transparency of Trilogues, available at:

[2] Interinstitutional Agreement between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission on Better Law-Making, OJ 2016 L 123, p. 1, available at: