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Letter from the European Ombudsman to the European Personnel Selection Office concerning the delay in the EPSO's reply to the Ombudsman in OI/01/2012/MHZ

Mr Nicholas David Bearfield
European Personnel Selection Office
80, avenue de Cortenbergh

Strasbourg, 04.05.2012

Delay in the EPSO's reply to the Ombudsman in OII/01/2012/MHZ

Dear Mr Bearfield,

I note from your letter of 26 April 2012 that EPSO will not reply to the Ombudsman's own initiative inquiry within the deadline set by the Ombudsman. I also note that EPSO has indicated 31 May 2012 as the date by which it will send its reply.

I therefore expect to receive EPSO's reply by no later than 31 May 2012.

Please note that in case EPSO does not provide its reply within the new deadline, the Ombudsman reserves the right to proceed on the basis of the information already in his possession.

Yours sincerely,

P. Nikiforos Diamandouros