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Decision of the European Ombudsman on complaint 705/2000/OV against CEDEFOP (European Centre the Development of Vocational Training)

). It appears therefore that CEDEFOP has infringed the principle of non-discrimination. Even if in its opinion it regretted this error, it appears that CEDEFOP has not corrected the mistake by publishing a new announcement. Notwithstanding the fact that a male candidate was finally recruited, the announcement published meant that only female candidates could reasonably apply for the said post. This constitutes an instance of maladministration.

Principles of good administration require that the Community institutions and bodies reply to the letters of citizens. In the present case CEDEFOP did not reply to the complainant's letter of 10 May 2000. This failure to reply therefore constitutes an instance of maladministration.

Given that these aspects of the case concern procedures relating to specific events in the past, it is not appropriate to pursue a friendly settlement of the matter. The Ombudsman therefore closes the case.

The Director of CEDEFOP will also be informed of this decision.

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(1) See Article 13 of CEDEFOP's Code of Good Administrative Behaviour of 15 December 1999.