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Decision in case 1616/2018/EIS on the failure by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) to react meaningfully to concerns about the living conditions in a hotspot in Greece

1. On an unknown date, the complainant, an asylum seeker, contacted staff members of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in the Greek hotspot Vial about the living conditions there. As the complainant did not receive a reply, he turned to the European Ombudsman, on 13 September 2018.

2. The Ombudsman’s inquiry team contacted EASO[1]. EASO then replied to the complainant on 24 October 2018. It provided a brief overview of its activities in the hotspots since 2015 and explained its responsibility in the area.

3. As a reply has now been sent, this complaint is resolved[2] and I have decided to close the case[3].


Marta Hirsch-Ziembińska

Head of Inquiries and ICT - Unit 1

Strasbourg, 12/11/2018


[1] They also transferred the complaint to the competent National Ombudsman.

[2] If the complainant considers that the agency’s reply is not satisfactory, it is open to him to make a new complaint to the Ombudsman.

[3] This complaint has been dealt with under delegated case handling, in accordance with Article 11 of the Decision of the European Ombudsman adopting Implementing Provisions.