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How the European Investment Bank discloses environmental information in relation to projects it finances through intermediaries

The case concerned the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) practice regarding the publication of environmental information for projects that it finances indirectly through intermediaries. The complainants, three civil society organisations were concerned that the EIB’s practice is at odds with the 'Aarhus legislation' on environmental information and prevents effective public participation in decisions on projects with a potential environmental impact.

During the inquiry, the Ombudsman sent a preliminary assessment to the EIB with suggestions for improvement aimed at improving the information it makes available about projects.

The EIB agreed to implement some of the Ombudsman’s practical suggestions. For some of the suggestions to which the EIB did not agree, the Ombudsman believes that it would be in the interest of the EIB and in the public interest for the EIB to implement these changes. As such, she reiterated those suggestions and closed the case as no further inquiries were justified.