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Handling of a complaint concerning allegedly unlawful State Aid


The complainant alleges that the Commission's Directorate-General for Competition ('DG COMP') failed properly to handle his complaint of 11 November 2009 (the 'Complaint') and to make a timely decision on it.


The complainant claims that DG COMP should:

(i) make a decision on the Complaint or, alternatively, provide appropriate explanations as to why it has been unable as yet to reach a decision;

(ii) reply to his request for a meeting and to the matters raised in his correspondence of 14 March 2011;

(iii) reply to the matters raised in his correspondence of 18 January 2011 and apologise for the sentence (apparently originating from internal discussions) contained in its e-mail of 15 December 2010; and

(iv) clarify whether complainants may be disadvantaged as a result of their size/economic power and/or their request for the confidential treatment of their complaints, and if the answer is in the affirmative, guarantee that they are duly informed of that.